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Lost City Candidate- The Bahamas

May 22, 2015 Comments Off on Linear Features- Bahamas -Linear Features, Bahamas, Satellite Discoveries

Linear Features- Bahamas

A series of unexplained linear features exists on the Great Bahama bank in shallow water.  It is unknown what has caused the features.

Images have been enhanced to bring out details.


Close-up of the linear features:


Another area containing linear anomalies:


Site anomaly characteristics:

  • Site is in a remote location.
  • Large, linear features that are out of place on the Grand Bahama Bank.
  • The lines exist in shallow water.
  • The lines are very long extending for many miles.
  • The lines lead to interesting dark spot features.
  • The lines exist around areas that contain patterned anomalies.

What was the purpose of this site?

  • Military testing.
  • Ship track lines from very large ships.  This theory is very unlikely due to the features existing in shallow water.  Still, it is a possibility.
  • Ancient, unexplained roads.
  • Evidence of a lost civilization.

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