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July 21, 2004 Comments (0) Anomalies, By Location, Cuba, Linear Features, Lost City Candidates

Southern Cuba Underwater Linear Anomalies

Lost City Candidate- Cuba

Linear feature is approximately 200 feet wide with a length of over a mile.  This site was featured on the TV show “UFO Hunters” as a possible underwater complex site.

Lost City Candidate- Cuba

  • Lost City Candidate- Cuba
    Lost City Candidate- Cuba
  • Lost City Candidate- Cuba
    Lost City Candidate- Cuba

Site anomaly characteristics:

  • The linear features are quite large, measuring over 200 feet in width.
  • The average depth of the water in this location is no deeper than approximately 50 feet making it unusual for a large ship to leave a ship track in this location.
  • The features have existed within the Google Earth and NASA image databases for almost 10 years suggesting the features are more permanently embedded within the underwater landscape.

What was the purpose of this site?

  • Site may have been used or created by the military.
  • Could have been a dredged site.
  • Could have been the result of some type of fishing activity yet this seems unlikely.
  • May be a lost city area although the proportions of this site are quite large for an ancient civilization site.

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