July 25, 2015

Anomalous Underwater Rectangle in the Bahamas

A large rectangle is visible on the 2014 images of this Bahamas area. Unfortunately,

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Bahamas Site May 22, 2015

Lost City Candidate- The Bahamas

Another anomaly site that was documented around 2004 of a site in the Bahamas that

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May 22, 2015

Linear Features- Bahamas

A series of unexplained linear features exists on the Great Bahama bank in shallow

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Bahamas Lost City Candidate May 19, 2015

Lost City Candidate- Bahamas Area

One of the very first anomaly sites I found back in the late 1990’s.   This

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Bahamas Linear Feature October 17, 2011

Bahamas Linear Feature

Probably modern. Approximate width 100 feet.   The average 4 lane bridge is

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