Circular Features

March 30, 2019

Potential Lost City Site: Underwater Circular Features off the...

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Bahamas Site July 12, 2008

Circular Features: Saudi Arabia, East Coast, Florida and Belize

Ancient circular, stone features have been found in parts of Saudi Arabia, Sudan,

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Lost City Candidate May 25, 2008

Lost City Candidate: Peru

A site almost as enigmatic as the Nazca lines exists in the remote areas of

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Carolina Bay Anomalies May 12, 2008

Carolina Bay Anomalies

Carolina Bays are considered anomalies by many scientists.  The formation or

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Florida-anomaly March 10, 2008

Circular Features: Florida

Circular, oblong features aligned in rows off the Southern tip of Florida within the

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Mima Mound Anomalies California July 18, 2006

Mima Mounds California

Mima Mounds can be found throughout the world but primarily are located West of the

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