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Linear Features- Bahamas

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Lost City Candidate- Bahamas Area

Bahamas Lost City Candidate

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One of the very first anomaly sites I found back in the late 1990’s.   This is a site in the middle of the Bahama bank with no modern activity around.

A close-up view of the area:

Bahamas Site

An enhanced image of the site:

Bahamas Lost City Candidate

Bahamas Lost City Candidate

Site anomaly characteristics:

  • Site is in a remote location.
  • Site is composed of linear features that have been on the underwater landscape for an extended period of time.
  • Site sits in shallow water where large boats typically do not go.
  • Site contains 90 degree angles and appears to be in a gridded layout in some areas.
  • Darker areas could be ruin features.
  • Just like the Cuba anomaly sites, the linear features here are quite large in dimension.
  • Image is a Landsat image taken at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

What was the purpose of this site?

  • May have been used by the military for some type of testing although testing in this area is undocumented.
  • Could be an ancient lost city or ruin site.

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