March 25, 2019 Comments (0) Searching for Lost Cities from Space

Searching for Lost Cities from Space

Searching for Lost Ruins from Space

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According to science, our ancestors have been roaming the planet for over 195,000 years. The very first sophisticated cities first sprang up in Mesopotamia around 6,500 years ago. In a little over 250 years, we have become technologically advanced. Just a short amount of time compared to universal time.

Why haven’t we found 100,000-year-old cities? Where are all the ancient sites located? Have they been hidden in plain sight overlooked and unrecognized?

The evidence I’ve gathered is pointing to the possibility that we have missed many ancient sites completely due to age and environmental destruction.

Let’s go on a journey to find what’s been hidden and reveal what is already there. Join me to begin to think outside the box and evaluate satellite imaging evidence in search of lost cities from space.

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