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The search for lost archaeology sites from space started for Angela Micol in the late '90s primarily driven by her love of history and archaeology. She has utilized almost every database that has been in the public domain in her quest to uncover more of our ancient past on planet Earth. This website is a combination of 2 sites she has worked on that contain only a handful of places she is making available to the public that could be great candidates for potential remnants of lost ancient civilizations. The website also contains some fun anomalies and oddities found during her satellite and aerial image searches over the years. Please post comments if you have information about the sites posted within the pages of this website.

In Search of Lost Cities from Space- Coming Soon!

Determination is what drives the research forward. More info, coming soon!

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Unusual Geoglyph or Enclosure

Unusual Geoglyph Site in the US

December 28, 2015 Comments (0) Anomalies, By Location, Editor's picks, Geoglyphs, Unexplained Features, United States

A very interesting site in the US that appears to be a large geoglyph or a man-made enclosure (undisclosed location).  The geoglyph is perched precariously atop a mountain and sits approximately 740 feet above the surrounding landscape resembling the shape of a fish.   The

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July 25, 2015

Anomalous Underwater Rectangle in the Bahamas

A large rectangle is visible on the 2014 images of this Bahamas area. Unfortunately,

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Wall of the Crow June 22, 2015

What Secrets Still Lie Buried at Giza?

Among the many enigmatic and mysterious structures that can be found at the Giza

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Lake Okeechobee Lost City? May 29, 2015

Is There a Lost City Under Lake Okeechobee, FL?

Over the years, there have been many reports sent to me concerning lost cities or

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Lost City Candidates

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