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May 12, 2008 Comments Off on Carolina Bay Anomalies Anomalies, Circular Features, United States

Carolina Bay Anomalies

Carolina Bays are considered anomalies by many scientists.  The formation or cause of these oval, circular features has yet to be determined.

Site Anomaly Characteristics:

  • Depressed features on the landscape of the East coast of the US that have baffled scientists for years.
  • There have been many theories as to the formation of the “Carolina Bays” including a meteor strike that damaged the East coast yet no meteoritic evidence has ever been found around these circular features.

What was the purpose of this site?

  • The bays may be evidence of an agricultural practice of a bygone era that has been lost to history due to a population devastation.
  • The bays may have been human made lakes/ponds for storing water.  This theory also suggests those who were responsible for creating these features have been lost to history.

The following is a Google Earth map showing several of the bay areas in North Carolina.  There are many features like this all over the East coast that deserve further study and evaluation.



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