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Carolina Bay Anomalies

Carolina Bay Anomalies

March 10, 2008 Comments Off on Circular Features: Florida Anomalies, Circular Features, United States

Circular Features: Florida

Circular, oblong features aligned in rows off the Southern tip of Florida within the Florida Everglades.

Landscape features extend for over 3 miles along the Southern tip of Florida within the Everglades.  The features are filled with water and are approximately 60-90+ feet wide aligned in row formations.

Site Anomaly Characteristics:

  • Rows of circular features that are very odd and out of place against the Florida landscape.
  • Circular features appear to be depressions and almost seem to be laid out like some long forgotten agricultural method.
  • All appearances suggest this is a human made feature.

What was the purpose of this site?

  • Some type of agricultural method.

More evidence should be gathered about this site before forming any solid conclusions.  If anyone visits the site or knows more information please contact us.


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