Bahamas Linear Feature

Bahamas Linear Feature

Underwater Linear Anomalies Yucatan

Linear Feature- Yucatan

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Underwater Lost City Candidate- Undisclosed Location

Lost City Candidate

This album consists of an undisclosed area where a sunken city site may be located.

  • lost-city-candidate-underwater11
  • lost-city-candidate-underwater9
  • lost-city-candidate-underwater8
  • lost-city-candidate-underwater7
  • lost-city-candidate-underwater6
  • lost-city-candidate-underwater3
  • Lost City Candidate
    Lost City Candidate

Site anomaly characteristics:

  • The rectangular features are approximately 100-130’+ in width which is large for a habitation site unless it was a courtyard or enclosed housing unit.
  • The linear features are of a similar size as roads and seem to connect many of the rectilinear features that are filled in with water.
  • The site is close to an unusual, megalithic ruin site.

What was the purpose of this site?

  • Appears to have been a heavily populated habitation site that has since sunk beneath the water.
  • May be a lost city area.

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